Ocean Plastics

New Report on Ocean Plastic

Check out my new report on Ocean Plastic: Exploring Solutions to Ocean Plastics – Supporting Southeast Asia’s Informal Waste Sector.

For the past several months I have been working with Ocean Conservancy, looking at the role of finance in reducing ocean plastic in SE Asia (we visited Vietnam and Indonesia but with results that are applicable in other regions as well. Our short report will be out soon with some important findings:

1. The informal sector is key to preventing the low value plastics most at risk of leaking into the ocean from doing so. Reaching this vulnerable sector presents unique challenges.
2. Solutions must address the value chain of low value plastic waste at three levels to effectively promote the circular economy: Collection, Processing and Off-take.
3. Finance will need to be blended to prevent perverse incentives: grants, microfinance, and impact investment must work together.

Click here for an advance copy of the report!